Diane Diekman
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My Articles


My Navy retirement speech - 18 August 2004

Eulogy for my brother, Kenneth Diekman - 1955-2003

Eulogy for my father, John Diekman - 1916-2003

Memorial Day speech at Clear Lake, South Dakota - May 1999

Women's History Month speech at Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan - March 1997

Commissioning speech for CWO2 Phipps - March 1988


Water Survival Training - My attempt to qualify for a ride in a Navy jet

Hard Lessons - Getting fired and what I did about it

Nobody's Perfect - An early leadership lesson (1976)

Rattlesnake Trail 50K - a 31-mile trail run

Gone But Not Forgotten - An article for children on the subject of POW/MIAs

Forgotten Warriors--Forgotten No More - Dedication of Korean War Memorial

Moonlight Trail Run

Answering President Clinton's Mail

Green Berets

Special Forces in El Salvador

Navy Memorial

Admiral Mike Boorda

Cody Lee Paver

Kobe Earthquake - An interview with a survivor

Japanese Zero Pilots

Mount Pinatubo Eruption - An interview with a survivor

Climbing Mount Fuji

On Top of Mount Fuji

Typhoon of Steel - My visit to Okinawa

Women Are Veterans, Too - Groundbreaking for Military Women's Memorial

Best Friends Reunited - My mother and her Navy friend

Around the World in Eleven Days - From Japan to Washington DC to Spain to Japan

Singapore and Thailand - Traveling on USS Boxer

Underway with USS Independence - Continuing from USS Boxer journey

Traveling Through Malaysia - 1997 Christmas tour

Japan's Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament

Sapporo Snow Festival

Kawasaki Fertility Festival

Ancient Japanese Temples

A Quick Look at Hong Kong - USS Nimitz visit in 1997

USS Belleau Wood - Visiting Australia in 1998

Eastern and Oriental Express - My 1999 train trip from Bangkok to Singapore


Battle of Music - Final performance of USS ARIZONA band

Corsairs from Heaven

Westpac Yesterday And Today (1999)

Articles about Faron Young

Legends Lost

Country Deputies Reunion

Profile of Faron Young

Big Willie

No More Four in the Morning

Written at Four in the Morning

What Can I Do For You?